Cultural Activities

At Alberton High School, we are a vibrant cultural community, where creativity thrives, and expression knows no bounds. We believe that nurturing the artistic spirit is just as vital as excelling in academics or sports.

Our Culture pillar is a testament to this belief, offering a diverse array of opportunities for students to explore and showcase their talents.


From captivating drama performances to stirring vocal renditions, we celebrate the power of expression in English, Afrikaans, and beyond. With categories ranging from instrumental to dance, there’s something for every artist to embrace and excel in.


Guided by experienced mentors, you’ll hone your acting skills and forge lifelong friendships with fellow thespians. Every moment in Drama Club is an opportunity to embrace the spotlight and make your mark on the stage.


Our School Houses aren’t just about competition—they’re about collaboration and creativity. Each year, our Houses come together to produce captivating plays that showcase the talent and teamwork of our students.


We empower students to express their thoughts and opinions with confidence and eloquence. Our Public Speaking program equips you with the skills to engage, inspire, and lead with authenticity.


Capture the world through your lens. Our club provides a supportive community where you can explore your passion for visual storytelling.


The voices of our vibrant high school community echo through the pages of our school newspaper, embodying our core values. Each month, we proudly showcase the achievements, insights, and talents of our students reflecting the diverse essence of our school’s ethos and spirit.

We believe that culture is not just something we study—it’s something we live and breathe every day.

Join us in celebrating the arts, embracing diversity, and creating a vibrant cultural tapestry that reflects the unique talents and passions of our students.