Alberton High School

The School of Excellence

Welcome to the top school in Ekurhuleni South. From the staffroom to the classroom, and from the classroom to the sports field, and even far beyond, we conscientiously cultivate the unique potential of each and every individual who is part of our school. We are who we are because of you. In fact, it is our Latin motto here at Alberton High: Totum ex Partibus, which means “the whole is the sum of the parts”.

It is not just our people, but also our successes that makes Alberton High the school of excellence. And so, each new year, we create a different annual slogan inspired by the successes of the previous year. It is our guiding map, both past and present, that motivates us to reach ever higher.

2024: Alberton High School is discovering the world of greatness

It is because of you, our learners, that we grow from strength to strength. It is you who inspires us to make every lesson, every practice, and every activity better than before. You are the thriving individuals at the heart of our community, and we promise to help you find your talents, nurture your creativity, and support you as you strive for excellence.

Our school is built on values with you at the core.

The Pillars of Alberton High School