The Function of the Finance Department

The Finance Department at Alberton High School is headed by Ms. D. Looyen and Ms. B. van Staden under the guidance of the principal Mr. J.S. Olivier. The core function of the finance department at our school is control all monies and payments that come into the school.

School Fees and Payment Structure

Alberton High School is a fee paying school. Our fee structure is listed in detail below.

School Fees for the year 2021 are R 18 650, 00 payable over a ten month period between January and October via EFT or via card system directly at the school. The banking details are listed below.

Parents / Guardians who wish to qualify for a 10% discount on the annual fees:

  • Payment of fees must be made before 31 March 2021 to qualify
  • 10% discount amounts to R 1 865, 00 (on condition that the learner's fees are up to date)
  • The total amount payable before 31 March 2021 amounts to R16 785, 00

Banking Details

All monies that need to be paid for various school events including, school fees, workbooks, tours and many others can be paid directly into the school's bank account.
  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Branch: Alberton
  • Account Number: 1902142071
  • Branch Code: 190242
  • Reference: Learner Name and Surname OR School Account Number

Karri System

Karri is a mobile payment app that allows you to make quick payments for school events. Instead of sending children to school with envelopes of cash for civvies days and class outings, you’re able to make fast payments of exact amounts straight to your school.

Note that the Karri School Payments system will not be utilised for school fees. Throughout the year the Finance Department will update the list of school events (on the schools Karri platform) that can be paid via Karri.

pdfKarri Schools Payment Information Document

Smart Swipe Solutions

Smart Swipe Solutions enables multiple business entities within an organisation to operate CASHLESS by means of a card payment solution. The system is designed to afford users the convenience to transact with a single payment card throughout your business and avoid the current "Over the Counter" cash purchases.

The Blues Cafe - our school cafeteria - is able to accept payments either via cash over the counter or via Smart Swipe system. Parents / Guardians are able to register online under the "Education" entity by selecting Alberton High School. A card will be processed for the learner and can be collected from reception. Please note that the Smart Swipe system can currently only be utilised at The Blues Cafe.

Smart Swipe Solutions

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