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Life Skills

The Life Orientation Learning Area develops skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that empower learners to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions

The Life Orientation Learning Area aims to guide and equip learners for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society. The focus therefore is on the development of self-in-society.

Learners must find a place for themselves in a world increasingly different from that in which their parents lived.

They should be able to develop a sense of confidence and competence in order to live well and contribute productively to shaping of a new society.

  • Health promotion
  • Social development
  • Personal development
  • Physical development and movement
  • Orientation to the world of work
  • Problem solving, critical thinking and logical thought

Mrs T. du Toit

Mrs T. du Toit
BA - Education Maths and Computer Studies; HED; Functional Therapy
IT Grades 10-12; CAT Grade 10; Life Orientation Grade 8

Mrs du Toit joined Alberton High at the beginning of June 2012. She has ample experience in teaching Computer Programming and Computer Application skills. She is the CAT and IT moderator for the district since 2010 and also grade 12 CAT marker since 2007. Mrs du Toit is a very talented individual and an asset to the IT department. Her motto is - "Teaching is a calling not a career". Mrs du Toit is involved with athletics & extra lessons extramurally.

Ms A.M. Putter

Ms A.M. Putter
T.H.E.D Mathematics II (Pretoria); F.D.E Computer Science and Statistics (CESA)

Ms Putter is a new addition to the AHS staff complement and is involved with athletics, netball and the golf day extramural. Her personal interests include netball and reading.

Ms C. Hyde

Ms C. Hyde
B.Ed Senior Phase Life Orientation; Honours B.Ed Educational Psychology
Life Orientation

Ms Hyde is a recent addition to the teaching staff, and has only been with us for a year. On an extramural level, Ms Hyde participates in the Grade 8 concert, hockey, touch rugby, house plays and the golf day. Her personal interests incorporate scrapbooking, sport and socialising.

Ms M. Meyer

Ms M. Meyer
B.Ed Senior & FET Phase English & Afrikaans
Afrikaans; Life Orientation

Ms Meyer joined AHS in 2013 and participates in extramural activities such as athletics, hockey, house plays and first aid. Her personal interests include the dramatic arts, reading, writing and music.

Mr Roos



Mr W Badenhorst


Mr W. Badenhorst

HOD Life Orientation


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