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“Technical skills are crucial for a country’s success but while the world needs more Information Technology experts, the education system is actually delivering fewer.'’

In 1994 our first Computer centre was opened.

The equipment consisted of 15 workstations connected in a Local Area Network and 1 dot-matrix printer.

The Computer Studies learners at the time were very excited to work in this “modern” centre, displaying the results of their computer programs on monochrome screens!

Development and upgrading took place at a rapid rate over the years at Alberton High and we now boast two very modern computer centers.

These modern facilities and the skills of our highly qualified staff, enables the school to offer subjects like Information Technology and Computer Applications Technology.

These subjects give our learners the technical , creative as well as critical thinking skills which are all essential skills for today’s education and tomorrow’s highly competitive job market.

Since 2013 we took part in the NWU PAT GeeXpo competition and we are proud to say that our learners are a force to be reckoned with!

We are very proud of the achievements of our learners and staff in this department

Mrs V. Swanepoel

Mrs V. Swanepoel
B.Ed - FET Education (Free-State) with a specialisation in Economic & Business Sciences
Subject Controller for Computer Applications Technology and Arts & Culture

Mrs Swanepoel teaches all the Grade 10 - 12 CAT learners and is an extremely competent teacher and hard worker. She was one of the Top Grade 12 Teachers in the District in 2010. She is also a Teacher Moderator. Besides CAT she teaches Grade 8 Arts and Culture. Extramurally she is involved in Athletics, Netball, and Cross-country. Mrs Swanepoel has been teaching for many years, the last 5 of which have been spent at AHS.

Mrs T. du Toit

Mrs T. du Toit
BA - Education Maths and Computer Studies; HED; Functional Therapy
IT Grades 10-12; CAT Grade 10; Life Orientation Grade 8

Mrs du Toit joined Alberton High at the beginning of June 2012. She has ample experience in teaching Computer Programming and Computer Application skills. She is the CAT and IT moderator for the district since 2010 and also grade 12 CAT marker since 2007. Mrs du Toit is a very talented individual and an asset to the IT department. Her motto is - "Teaching is a calling not a career". Mrs du Toit is involved with athletics & extra lessons extramurally.

Alberton High School

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