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Geography is the subject which holds the key to the future - Michael Palin

We are very proud of our Matric results where our learners have, in the past ten years, achieved a 100% pass rate and received the award for the best geography results in D16 for the past three years.

The Geography Department is working hard to ensure that learners not only do well but also enjoy and are made aware of the ever-changing conditions on our planet – Earth.

Geography is a subject with a comprehensive field of study which deals especially with the understanding of systems and relationships.

It is a study which endeavours to comprehend man as an active being amidst human and physical relationships and inter-relationships.

Understanding, relationships and explanations are key concepts; Geography is characterized by the fact that man in his relation and reaction to the surrounding reality, constitutes the focal point.

Geography offers a wide variety of skills which are useful both to other subjects areas and, more importantly, in life after Matric. These skills include:

  • Oral and Literacy skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Graphical skills
  • Interpretation skills
  • Observational skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Planning skills
  • Evaluation skills

All learners study Geography in grades 8 & 9 and in the FET Phase, where there is a choice of subjects, approximately 50% of the learners participate.

We have embraced the new curriculum and are sure that our students will be well prepared for the FET Matriculation examination system.

Mr W. Wright

Mr W. Wright
HOD (4 years)
Geography & Social Sciences

Mr Wright has been with AHS for 6 years and is involved in cricket and rugby extramurally. His interests include nature and reading.

Ms L. Jansen van Vuren

Ms L. Jansen van Vuren
B. ED Senior and FET (PUvCHO)
Geography and Science

Ms Jansen van Vuuren is involved in badminton, house playes, athletics, first aid and U-party. She enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, cooking and traveling. Her motto is: " To accomplish great things we must not act but also dream, not only plan but also believe"

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