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English Home Language

It is our aim to teach more than just the content. As a department, we aim to enrich the learners with exposure to a diverse range of material; thus aiding in creating a balanced individual who is able to cope intellectually, socially and emotionally once they leave the secondary education phase.

The English Department achieved a 100% pass rate for the Matric Class of 2011, with a 60% average.

GRADES 8 - 11

Schemes of work for Grades 8 to 11 are developed by qualified teachers in accordance with the National Curriculum Statement. 

What's more, we keep our finger on the pulse of modern learner needs with Powerpoint Presentations designed to stimulate the mind and soul. 

In addition, we offer a and promote literature enrichment programmes to all learners in the school.


The English Department staff are heavily involved in all aspects of Drama, Eisteddfod and Public Speaking.

In addition, Department members are proactive and well-versed in educational issues:

  • Mrs. Ferreira has stood on the Gauteng Examination panel;
  • Dr. Dean-Jackson has stood as Cluster Leader; and
  • Mrs. Swanepoel brings her experience in IEB

Each year, a Matric student is selected, based on their performance over the entire year, to receive a special English Award for Creativity and Eloquence.

Mrs L. Ferreira

Mrs L. Ferreira
BA Ed (Wits) 1987
HOD English

Mrs Ferreira has been with AHS for 20 years, and extramurally she is involved with public speaking, house plays, the eisteddfod and the school year book. Her motto is: "No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance."

Mr C. Denyssen

Mr C. Denyssen
BA (University of Natal) 1987; HDE
English Department Senior

Mr Denyssen has been with the school for 14 years, and is involved in athletics, rugby and softball extramurally. He is also involved in testimonials for the matric leavers and do various editing. His interests include gardening and fishing, and his motto is: "To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour." W. Blake

Mrs N. Swanepoel

Mrs N. Swanepoel
BA (English & Psychology) 1996; PHED (RAU) 1997
English Grades 8-12

Mrs Swanepoel has been at AHS for 2 years and is involved with public speaking, house plays, tennis, cross country and editing the Totem Pole extramurally. Her hobbies include keeping fit and scrapbooking and her motto is: "It is not how you start the race buy how you finish it."

Ms B Evans

 BeD Senior and FET (UNISA)

Ms Evans is involved in the following extra murals: Badminton, Mountain Biking, Drama Club, Totem Pole and House Plays.
She enjoys playing badminton, reading and looking after abandoned animals.


Mrs Mc Gill

 BA Motion Picture Medium (AFDA)
Certificate in Public Relations (Damelin)
 Ms Mc Gill is involved in the school magazine. She enjoys art and reading


Mrs S Steenberg

English - Home Language

BA Child Pshycology


Bed Hons Education Pshycology

Mrs Steenberg teachers English for the junior classes.

She is involved in chess, house plays and basketball.

Ms J Edgar

Ms J. Edgar

BA Ed, Further Education and Training at University of Johannesburg

M Edgar loves poetry and animals. She will be involved in coaching hockey, touch rugby as well as drama and house plays.

Mrs M Jacobs

 Mrs M Jacobs

Bed FET Geography and English (UJ)

Mrs Jacobs teaches English.

 Mrs Jacobs are also involved in netball, public speaking and gr 9 extra lessons.

She absolutely loves horse riding and enjoy doing arts and crafts.


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