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Visual Arts

In 2011, our Matric Art Class achieved a 100% pass rate, with a 62,5% average. In addition, the following five learners achieved distinctions for art: Daniela del Castello, Riki-Lee Hartwell, Roxanne Beringer, Shana-Lee Wilman & Arantxa Naidoo.

Our aim in FET is to equip the learners with skills unique to the Art Fields, skills such as creativity, expression, interpretation, collaboration, reflection and communication.

We want to equip our learners with knowledge of the Art Disciplines, instilling a sense of resourcefulness and objectivity that they can carry with them into Modern Society.

In addition, we strive to ensure that our learners to excel in the Senior Phase, empowering them to make a smooth transition to the FET band of Visual Art.

What's more, we offer holistic training, covering many of the various artistic disciplines, so that learners can easily identify which genre most appeals to their tastes, and can go on to become sought-after specialists in their chosen discipline.

Mrs B. Joubert

Mrs B. Joubert
Tourism Grades 10-12 & Arts & Culture Grade 8

 Mrs Joubert has been with AHS for 22 years and is involved with badminton & Cultural Awards extramurally.

Mrs V. Swanepoel

Mrs V. Swanepoel
B.Ed - FET Education (Free-State) with a specialisation in Economic & Business Sciences
Subject Controller for Computer Applications Technology and Arts & Culture

Mrs Swanepoel teaches all the Grade 10 - 12 CAT learners and is an extremely competent teacher and hard worker. She was one of the Top Grade 12 Teachers in the District in 2010. She is also a Teacher Moderator. Besides CAT she teaches Grade 8 Arts and Culture. Extramurally she is involved in Athletics, Netball, and Cross-country. Mrs Swanepoel has been teaching for many years, the last 5 of which have been spent at AHS.

Ms J. Bester

Ms J. Bester
B.Com Sport & Recreation; Post Graduate Higher Certificate
Arts & Culture

Ms Bester is a recent addition to the AHs staff, and teaches Art & Culture. Extramurally, she is involved with athletics, the Grade 8 concert and hockey. Her hobbies include sports and travelling.

Mrs K. Kroukamp

Mrs K. Kroukamp
B. Ed
HOD Visual Art; Arts & Culture Cluster Leader; Teacher Moderator & Matric Marker

 Mrs Kroukamp has been with the school for 18 years, and is involved with basketball, athletics, the art eisteddfod and welfare drives extramural. Her personal interests include tae kwon-do, scuba diving and philosophy.

Alberton High School

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