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At Alberton High School our learners are guided by quality education in an organised milieu to become well educated persons.

Mother tongue education enables us to make the learners independent and able-bodied to develop their own skills and abilities in a balanced manner.



Our ultimate aim at Alberton High School is to serve the community by successfully educating the child for the future.

To succeed in our mission we will strive to:

  • Make an educational contribution in the learner's interest and to his advantage.
  • Provide the learner with quality education by not only satisfying his expectations but by exceeding them.
  • Educate holistically to mould the learner into a well-balanced person.
  • Expose the learner to sound beliefs and principles.
  • Provide the learner with life skills.
  • Provide quality guidance to enable the learner to become a fully-fledged, responsible adult with a healthy esteem.
  • Create a healthy relationship with our parents and community.

Alberton High School

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