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Teachers at Alberton High School

Here you will find information about our inspired and motivated body of teachers.

Ms E.J. Maynier

Ms E.J. Maynier
THOD Pretoria Onderwyskollege (4 years)

Ms Maynier teaches Grade 10 to 12 Afrikaans and is involved with Blood Drives, the tuck shop and Awards Evenings extramurally. Her hobbies include nature, reading, watching sport and visiting friends.

Ms C. Posthumus

Ms C. Posthumus
B. Ed (GSF) 4 years with a specialisation in Afrikaans
Afrikaans and Technology

Ms Posthumus has been with AHS for 3 years now, and extramurally she's involved with athletics, netball and the school's bi-annual magazine, the Totem Pole.

Ms Z. Von Platen

Ms Z. Von Platen
BA (WITS); H. Dip. Ed. (PG)

Ms Von Platen has been with AHS for 14 years and her hobbies include crossword puzzles and movies.

Ms E. Heystek

Ms E. Heystek
BSc Microbiology-Botany (# years); PGCE
Life Science & Natural Science

Ms Heystek has been on staff at AHS for a year, and works with the cheerleaders, netball team, our bi-annual magazine, the Totem Pole and Open Day extramurally. Her interests include photography, nature and travelling.

Ms K. Heystek

Ms K. Heystek
HOD Unisa (4 years)
Afrikaans, Life Orientation & Life Orientation Sport

Ms Heystek has been teaching at AHS for 6 years and is involved with netball and our bi-annual magazine, the Totem Pole extramural. Her hobbies include nature, reading and sport.

Ms H. Strydom

Ms H. Strydom
BA NHOD RAU; Teachers Diploma
Junior HOD Afrikaans

Ms Strydom has been at AHS for 15 years and is involved with athletics, badminton and the eisteddfod extramurally.

Ms A Oosthuizen

Ms A. Oosthuizen
HOD Afrikaans

Ms Oosthuizen teaches Grade 10 to 12 Afrikaans and has been with the school for 11 years. Extramurally, she helps arrange Blood Drives, and is involved in athletics, softball and fundraising for the school. Her hobbies include being out in nature, reading and sport.

Mrs B. Bridger

Mrs B. Bridger
BSc Degree; HDE Diploma; Technology Diploma
  PhysicalScience & Natural Science

Mrs Bridger has been teaching at AHS for 1 year and is involved in athletics & netball extramurally. Her hobbies include reading and spending time with her family.

Mr K Mojapelo

Mr K. Mojapelo
Secondary Teacher's Diploma; Further Diploma in Education
HOD Physical Science; Maths & Maths Literacy; Technology; Natural Sciences

Mr Mojapelo has been at AHS for a number years, and oversees detention extramural. His interests include reading the bible, listening to Gospel music, worship, prayer, soccer, keeping up-to-date with current affairs and teaching

Mrs B. Joubert

Mrs B. Joubert
Tourism Grades 10-12 & Arts & Culture Grade 8

 Mrs Joubert has been with AHS for 22 years and is involved with badminton & Cultural Awards extramurally.

Mr W. Wright

Mr W. Wright
HOD (4 years)
Geography & Social Sciences

Mr Wright has been with AHS for 6 years and is involved in cricket and rugby extramurally. His interests include nature and reading.

Mrs B. Coetsee

Mrs B. Coetsee
B. Econ; H.E.D. (Stellenbosch)
Mathematics & Accounting

Mrs Coetsee teaches Grade 8 and 9 Mathematics. She is the senior teacher in charge of the GET Mathematics phase. Mrs Coetsee has a passion for teaching Mathematics and is always busy investigating new ways and methods of trying to improve the mathematical skills of our Grade 8 and 9 learners. She is also involved in the Mathematics Olympiad and organises the Mathematical Challenge for the grade 8’s. Besides teaching Mathematics, she is involved in the Tuckshop, Catering, Welfare, Staff Development and coaches Athletics, cycling and cricket. Mrs Coetsee has been teaching at Alberton High for over 20 years and is also a very experienced and competent Accountancy teacher.

Mrs B.L. Schultz

Mrs B. Schultz
B. Ed - FET Mathematics (Wits)
Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy

Mrs Schultz teaches Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy and Grade 8 to 9 Mathematics. She is the subject controller for Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy. She also received an award for being one of the top Mathematical Literacy Teachers in the district in 2010. In her first year of teaching she was selected as a cluster leader for Mathematical Literacy in the district. She is also a marker for the NSC examinations for Mathematical Literacy. Miss Blair is an extremely competent teacher who is very involved extramural. She coaches Athletics, Hockey and Touch Rugby. She is a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society SA and at her graduation in 2009 she received the very prestigious award “Professional Competence in the Bachelor of Education degree FET Phase Mathematics” by NAPTOSA. She sets very high standards not only for herself but also for her learners. She is currently in her third year of teaching at Alberton High. We are very proud of her, our own ex-pupil of Alberton High!

Mr M. Vermeulen

Mr M. Vermeulen
THED (Pretoria)
Mathematics Grade 10; Mathematical Literacy Grade 12

Mr Vermeulen is not only an outstanding Rugby coach, but also an excellent teacher who has been teaching for more than 18 years. He received an award for being one of the top Mathematical Literacy teachers of 2010 in the district. He is involved in leadership and is currently in charge of the Junior Councilor Body. He teaches Grade 12 Mathematical Literacy and Grade 10 Mathematics. He is also the subject controller for Grade 10 and is a NSC marker for Mathematical Literacy.

Mr C. Denyssen

Mr C. Denyssen
BA (University of Natal) 1987; HDE
English Department Senior

Mr Denyssen has been with the school for 14 years, and is involved in athletics, rugby and softball extramurally. He is also involved in testimonials for the matric leavers and do various editing. His interests include gardening and fishing, and his motto is: "To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, And Eternity in an hour." W. Blake

Mrs N. Swanepoel

Mrs N. Swanepoel
BA (English & Psychology) 1996; PHED (RAU) 1997
English Grades 8-12

Mrs Swanepoel has been at AHS for 2 years and is involved with public speaking, house plays, tennis, cross country and editing the Totem Pole extramurally. Her hobbies include keeping fit and scrapbooking and her motto is: "It is not how you start the race buy how you finish it."

Mrs L. Guy

Mrs L. Guy
BA Ed (Wits) 2006
English; Life Science; Natural Science

Mrs Guy has been on staff at Alberton High for 6 years and is involved with public speaking, equestrian, basketball and hockey extramurally. Her hobbies include horse riding. 

Mr H Coston




Mr H. Coston
HED 1981; BA 1982; B.Ed (Hon) 1994 (RAU)
Deputy Headmaster and English Department Junior


Mr Coston has been with the school for 11 years and is involved in athletics, cricket, rugby and the Super 16 Championship extramurally. His hobbies include running road races, sports and reading. His motto is: "There is nothing like a dream to create the future." Victor Hugo

Mr T. De Bruin

Mr T. De Bruin
Mathematics Grade 10-12

Mr De Bruin teaches Grade 10, 11 and 12 Mathematics. He is the subject controller for the Grade 12’s and has vast experience in teaching Mathematics. He is always willing to share his knowledge with his colleagues and is a true mentor to the younger staff of the department. He is an excellent Mathematics teacher who is well-liked by his learners. Mr. De Bruin has been teaching for more than 30 years, 7 of which have been spent at AHS. Extramurally, he is involved in cricket, athletics and rugby, as well as fundraising, staff functions and the Awards Evenings.

Mrs V. Swanepoel

Mrs V. Swanepoel
B.Ed - FET Education (Free-State) with a specialisation in Economic & Business Sciences
Subject Controller for Computer Applications Technology and Arts & Culture

Mrs Swanepoel teaches all the Grade 10 - 12 CAT learners and is an extremely competent teacher and hard worker. She was one of the Top Grade 12 Teachers in the District in 2010. She is also a Teacher Moderator. Besides CAT she teaches Grade 8 Arts and Culture. Extramurally she is involved in Athletics, Netball, and Cross-country. Mrs Swanepoel has been teaching for many years, the last 5 of which have been spent at AHS.

Mrs T. du Toit

Mrs T. du Toit
BA - Education Maths and Computer Studies; HED; Functional Therapy
IT Grades 10-12; CAT Grade 10; Life Orientation Grade 8

Mrs du Toit joined Alberton High at the beginning of June 2012. She has ample experience in teaching Computer Programming and Computer Application skills. She is the CAT and IT moderator for the district since 2010 and also grade 12 CAT marker since 2007. Mrs du Toit is a very talented individual and an asset to the IT department. Her motto is - "Teaching is a calling not a career". Mrs du Toit is involved with athletics & extra lessons extramurally.

Ms B Evans

 BeD Senior and FET (UNISA)

Ms Evans is involved in the following extra murals: Badminton, Mountain Biking, Drama Club, Totem Pole and House Plays.
She enjoys playing badminton, reading and looking after abandoned animals.


Mrs Mc Gill

 BA Motion Picture Medium (AFDA)
Certificate in Public Relations (Damelin)
 Ms Mc Gill is involved in the school magazine. She enjoys art and reading


Ms A.M. Putter

Ms A.M. Putter
T.H.E.D Mathematics II (Pretoria); F.D.E Computer Science and Statistics (CESA)

Ms Putter is a new addition to the AHS staff complement and is involved with athletics, netball and the golf day extramural. Her personal interests include netball and reading.

Ms C. Hyde

Ms C. Hyde
B.Ed Senior Phase Life Orientation; Honours B.Ed Educational Psychology
Life Orientation

Ms Hyde is a recent addition to the teaching staff, and has only been with us for a year. On an extramural level, Ms Hyde participates in the Grade 8 concert, hockey, touch rugby, house plays and the golf day. Her personal interests incorporate scrapbooking, sport and socialising.

Ms J. Bester

Ms J. Bester
B.Com Sport & Recreation; Post Graduate Higher Certificate
Arts & Culture

Ms Bester is a recent addition to the AHs staff, and teaches Art & Culture. Extramurally, she is involved with athletics, the Grade 8 concert and hockey. Her hobbies include sports and travelling.

Ms M. Meyer

Ms M. Meyer
B.Ed Senior & FET Phase English & Afrikaans
Afrikaans; Life Orientation

Ms Meyer joined AHS in 2013 and participates in extramural activities such as athletics, hockey, house plays and first aid. Her personal interests include the dramatic arts, reading, writing and music.

Ms T. Tavares

Ms T. Tavares
B.Com Management; Post Graduate Certificate - Senior Phase & FET
EMS - Business; EMS - Accounting; Accounting

Ms Wood recently joined the Alberton High School staff and participates in extramurals such as cheerleading, house plays, the leadership camp, the talent show and Miss AHS. On a personal level, she enjoys modelling and latin, ballroom & freestyle dancing.

Mrs S Steenberg

English - Home Language

BA Child Pshycology


Bed Hons Education Pshycology

Mrs Steenberg teachers English for the junior classes.

She is involved in chess, house plays and basketball.

Ms J Edgar

Ms J. Edgar

BA Ed, Further Education and Training at University of Johannesburg

M Edgar loves poetry and animals. She will be involved in coaching hockey, touch rugby as well as drama and house plays.

Mrs M Jacobs

 Mrs M Jacobs

Bed FET Geography and English (UJ)

Mrs Jacobs teaches English.

 Mrs Jacobs are also involved in netball, public speaking and gr 9 extra lessons.

She absolutely loves horse riding and enjoy doing arts and crafts.


Mr Roos



Ms N Wilding

 BA Education/associated with ballet (WITS)

Subject: Mathematics

 Ms Wilding apart from being a brilliant Maths teacher also does the following extra murals: Ms and Masters, Cheer leading, Public Speaking, House Plays.

Ms Wilding loves dancing, do beading for dresses and do crossfit.

Ms L. Jansen van Vuren

Ms L. Jansen van Vuren
B. ED Senior and FET (PUvCHO)
Geography and Science

Ms Jansen van Vuuren is involved in badminton, house playes, athletics, first aid and U-party. She enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, cooking and traveling. Her motto is: " To accomplish great things we must not act but also dream, not only plan but also believe"

Ms N. Le Grange


Ms N. Le Grange
B Com. Industrial Psychology; B. ED. (School Management); Post Degree Teachers Diploma; Certificate in School Management
Economic & Management Science; Business Studies; Economics; Accounting Grade 12


Badminton organiser. Schools representative at Southern Gauteng Badminton Association. Ms Le Grange has been with the school for 8 years and is involved in badminton extramurally. Her hobbies include reading and playing badminton. Her motto is: "He that can manage his time, can manage his life."

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