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Social Networking has become an intricate part of children’s lives. Educators should be using the internet as an effective tool. There are many benefits of social media, the danger however often outweighs the benefits.


The following issues will be outlined in the policy:

  • Use of cell phones
  • Disciplinary measures
  • Dealing with pornographic downloads
  • Protocols and Procedures

The policy was compiled in accordance with the following legislation: 

Relevant GDE circulars ? Sexual Offences Act 32 of 2007 ? Protocols and Procedures by The Proactive Education Group


3.1 The use of cell phones

Cell phones may NOT be brought to school. Should a learner need to have his/her cell phone, the phones must be handed in at the office in the morning for safekeeping and collected at the end of the day.

3.2 Disciplinary measures

Transgression of the rule regarding use of cell phones will lead to the confiscation of the cell phones with the SIM card.

Cell phones may only be collected from the office at 14:00 after one week at a fine of R100.

If a cell phone is collected the same afternoon, the fine will be R200.

All monies collected will be allocated to our Welfare fund.

3.3 Confiscated phones

The disciplinary measures are incorporated in the Code of Conduct for Learners and acknowledgment thereof is signed by both the parents and the learner.

The learners are asked to switch the phone off in the presence of the educator and must then hand it to the educator.

The Educator will hand the phone to one of the ladies in the finance office that will enter it in a register and place it in a sealed envelope with the name of the learner, date and the name of the educator that confiscated the phone.

The phone will be kept in the strong room until fine is paid and phone collected.


4.1 Pornographic downloads

Both the cinema and Publications Act and the Sexual Offences Act make it an offence for a person under the age of 18 to: 

  • View pornography
  • Be in procession of pornography
  • Download pornography from the internet
  • Trade in pornography
  • Enter a licensed premises where pornography is legally sold
  • Expose another person under the age of 18 to pornography

It is a criminal offence to expose a minor under the age of 18 to pornography

4.2 Disciplinary Measures

Distribution of pornography at school is a grade 3 offence and such material will be confiscated, a warning letter issued community service and/or detention given.

If material shows minor under the age of 18 – the police have to be notified.

Should learner have intercourse on the school premises and one or both is under age of 18, it will be classified as statutory rape. Should they also record the act, it will be seen as manufacturing and distribution of child pornography.

There is an obligation to report the incident to the police. Failure to report this matter, is an offence under the sexual offences act.

Intercourse on school premises is a grade 4 offence that will lead to criminal charges, suspension from school, disciplinary hearing and possible expulsion.

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